A typical day for everyone looks completely different, nonetheless one consistency amongst us all is our “inner voice”; no matter how many times we try to escape it we cannot run from it. Our inner voice, much like an alter ego, gives us the fuel we need to tackle tough tasks. Nevertheless that same inner voice can also at times plague us with self-doubt. I will be the first to admit that setting boundaries and being completely honest with your self isn’t fun, although it is absolutely critical for your growth. I struggle with setting personal boundaries {more to come on the boundaries in the blog section :-)} with friends and family. Typically because I am usually the "go-to" person and I want to help those I love and care about. This is absolutely OK, nevertheless what I have come to realize is that I have to give what I have leftover to others, and not give myself what I have leftover. Often times saying no to others is saying yes to you. Throughout this blog I will share best practices I have learned that are helping me. My approach is to have you look at everything from a holistic point of view. I have always had a passion to assist others in accomplishing their goals. For over 15 years I have assisted others with proven results in career and personal development. Drawing from my own experiences helps me relate to many people across various levels. With all that being said,I haven't put this same energy into myself; although I have made strides in the right direction I am still a work in progress.....

Overall I have learned three things:

  • Live each day with intent- making sure each day has purpose
  • Laugh always- laughing improves emotional health and reduces stress.
  • Level-up-remember your only competition is you-continually evolve and make the necessary adjustments along the way