The “IT” Factor….

by Abraxis Blackwell on November 20, 2018

Have you ever reached a certain level in your life or completed a goal that you set out to accomplish and think WOW, I made IT {What exactly is IT? Does IT look different for everyone?}. We should always celebrate what we have accomplished; nevertheless raise the bar a little higher each time we succeed. Do not reach one level in your life and stop, continually LEVEL-UP! Often times we view certain accomplishments as a destination when in reality we should always seek new ways to improve, we are always a work in progress.

There may have been many times when we think we had IT all figured out only to realize days, weeks or even months later we don’t, that is OK. As you continue to progress in your personal and professional life, each new level will demand a new version of you. There are many tactics that may have worked in the past that will no longer be of any assistance to you now, which is when we need to take a step back and adjust accordingly. Each day make a conscious effort to tap into your full potential both personally and professionally and stop living on auto pilot! You have to be intentional about your growth – IT is not automatic.

There are many times I thought I made IT. One example for me career wise when I thought I hit  IT was when I graduated from undergrad and then from grad school- I have a degree in a field that I am interested in { interested not passionate} I will get a job making over $120,000.00 before I am 25 boy was I wrong. LOL! {not to mention I never factored the student loan payments…Ughhh!}

I would absolutely love to get to know you, introduce yourself, leave a comment on when you thought you made “IT”. Also share one thing that you are currently doing to be intentional about your growth; mentor, conferences, books, self-taught? {check out my Approved by Abraxis section to see what I have recently read}.

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